Komatsu FX/GX Series - 15 Tonne to 25 Tonne Capacity IC Engine Forklift

Model Fuel
Tyres Mast
Turning Radius
FD150 Diesel 15000 900 Pneumatic Full range of 2 stage 5000
FD180 Diesel 18000 900 Pneumatic Full range of 2 stage 5000
FD200Z Diesel 20000 900 Pneumatic Full range of 2 stage 5000
FD250Z Diesel 25000 1220 Pneumatic Full range of 2 stage 5850

 Maintenance Friendly

  • Air cleaner extends outside machine to encourage regular checks plus back up warning lamp inside cab
  • Top and sides of bonnet fold out of the way for safe/easy access
  • Fuel and hydraulic oil sight guages

Komatsu Reliability

  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Wet disc brakes
  • Emission controlled exhaust


  • Optimum rear visibility and rear under mirror
  • Wet disc brakes for reliable stopping
  • Full floating suspension cab reduces vibration
  • Wide non slip steps
  • Reverse light and buzzer
Hydrostatic Power Steering

Fully hydrostatic power steering system minimizes kickback.
Also, a reduced turning ratio allows the operator to handle sharp turns with ease.


Small Turning Radius

Sharp turning radius provides better maneuverability in tight spaces and better job